Recieved a telephone call from a VSR after being on A&A for 5 years.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by magnumpi28, Dec 6, 2014.

  1. magnumpi28

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    Received a telephone call from a VSR for the first time after my mom being on A&A for over 5 years wanting to talk to my mom and ask her if it was alright if they adjust her pension amount because of the increase in her Social security that will be coming. I said she wasnt home and he said if he didnt talk to her and her authorize it then it would cause an overpayment. I said she would be back after 5pm and he said for me to have her call him Monday.
    Just very surprised the VA has time to call millions of people who are getting a ss raise????? Never recieved a call before.

    PS. Kind of funny, i told him i sure hope when we called him back we didnt have to wait on the phone for an hour and a half like when i normally call the VA. So he gave me his office number and said he is real easy to reach.
  2. vbcoder

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    DON'T DO IT!! DON'T DO IT!!!..He's wanting her personal info..It's a scam...never call a number that's not the published VA number.
  3. magnumpi28

    magnumpi28 Jr. Member

    Just wondering how a scammer found out she is on Aid and attendence?

    The call back number is a St. Paul MN area code.(where the VA is located)

    Is it possible it is legitimate call? Out of curiosity, i called the number today(saturday) and the answering machine says "This is Jim with the dept of veteran affairs.

    He is a pretty good scammer! He really sounded professional, Telphone area code number matches the VA headquarters, the answering maching says "Jim with the dept of veteran affairs"

    I WONT CALL HIM BACK BUT WHEN HE CALLS ME BACK MONDAY, WHAT DO I TELL HIM? Do i tell him to jump in the creek and go scam someone else???? Although, I would hate to say that IF its legitimate.

    PS. I should note that i just recently got back a letter from teh VA approving my annual accounting report so originally that's why i thought he MAY be calling even though he never asked anything about the EVR and its already been approved and I already received payment so now that i think about it more i dont know why he would even be calling for that. It appears ive been scammed :'(
  4. VA Legal Team

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    First of all, VSR's work for the VA. They are involved in rating VA claims.

    Second of all, the VA will receive news of the SS COLA...through the Social Security Administration. It is possible that your mom's VA benefit will decrease by a few dollars because of the SS COLA.

    This is just speculation, but perhaps they wanted to speak with your mother to uncover other financial information? For example, information about a house selling, etc...
  5. vetadmin

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    SCAM!!! Mom will get a 1.5% increase in both her SS and A&A pension this month.

    The VA would not call and make this request. If they call back, simply say no, and do not provide or confirm any personal information!

    Please let us know if and what you hear.
  6. magnumpi28

    magnumpi28 Jr. Member

    Well the prize goes to 'VA Legal Team'......As unbelievable as it sounds it appears it wasn't a scam because i got a letter in the mail today from the VA. The letter just said "We have received your application for benefits...." and even though the letter didnt match what he wanted its enough for me to know the i needed to talk to the VA.(we haven't filed an application for over 5 years!)
    Of course i had to ask why he was calling me because surely he wasn't calling everyone who got an increase in SS and he chuckled and explained to me that due to a new court case the VA is required to notify us when there would be a drop in benefits and in our case the drop in benefits EQUALS JUST ONE DOLLAR! I told him that was crazy to make you call people for a one dollar difference in benefits, it cost that in just the call! He agreed and said they were in the process of trying to get it changed where they don't have too unless its more than 10 dollars reduction. He said they ONLY have to call people whose ss increase would result in a reduction of VA benefits and because we only get partial VA benefits it would result in ONE DOLLAR reduction. If i understood him right, if you get the full benefits, you are OK.
    As dumb and as unbelievable as this sounds, I actually had to put my disabled dementia 90 year old mother on the phone and after a couple of minutes i finally make her say "I agree to the 1 dollar reduction." that's all he needed. He said otherwise it would have resulted in an overpayment and that would be a mess because they would want it back.
    I told him again as back logged as the VA was and all the people waiting in line to get approved this is ridiculous!
  7. vetadmin

    vetadmin Administrator Staff Member

    Well. call me SHOCKED! My money was on a "scam". I still can't hardly believe this, and is one of the stupidest things the VA has come up with. All those applications sitting in backlog, and this is how they think time is well spend.
  8. VA Legal Team

    VA Legal Team Full Member

    Given that many thousands of people receive partial benefits, that's still a lot of wasted time.

    Frankly, the guys explanation sounds suspicious to me. The VA has always (or at least for a very long time) been required to notify people about a loss in benefits; certainly that is not new. I have a hard time believing that a new court case instructed VA employees to call families. But maybe I will be proven wrong.

    I've seen plenty of over-payments, and people get notified through the mail.
  9. vetadmin

    vetadmin Administrator Staff Member

    VA Legal, I am with you. Something just does not seem legit about this.
  10. OhioVSO

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    It is legit. VSR's do call, from time to time. The VA does adjust procedures, quite often, based on legal decisions and changes in the code.

    I've attached two screenshots one of a notice that one of my clients received from the Phila PMC. The third is my response. (I'll post these screenshots in following posts due to size.)

    The lady is a WWII Widow. She has been receiving a pension for a long time.

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  11. OhioVSO

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    Second Attachment

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    Third Attachment

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  13. vetadmin

    vetadmin Administrator Staff Member

    Thanks so much for sharing this!
  14. Sperry8

    Sperry8 Newbie

    One has to be able to do this through mail - they cannot force us to speak to an elderly person. I imagine some elderly people on A&A are simply unable to speak on their own behalf - what would they do then? They were deemed incompetent and appointed a fiduciary for a reason. If they were able to understand and chat with people they wouldn't be incompetent!
  15. VA Legal Team

    VA Legal Team Full Member

    OhioVSO, thanks for posting.

    Waiving an over-payment has to go through the Debt Management Center and must be accompanied by a Financial Status Report.

    Have you seen differently with your responses?
  16. OhioVSO

    OhioVSO Newbie

    VA Legal Team,

    Yes, I’ve seen it happen and it should.

    A Financial Status Report is required when the debt reaches the Debt Management Center. The DMC doesn’t acquire jurisdiction until the RO or PMC pushes the debt info out of BDN into CARS.

    Statutory authority specifically delegating authority to the RO’s and PMC’s can be found in the CFR, Title 38, Chapter I, Part 1. The means of implementation is propagated by the VA Office of Finance, Chapters 2,4 & 5 and M-21-1MR.

    Truthfully I’m irritated that this notice was even sent out; I’m fairly certain that I’ve seen, somewhere in the M-21-1MR, SSA crosschecking that shows a difference of ten dollars/month or less should not initiate any action on the part of the PMC.

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