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Discussion in 'Surviving Spouse Application' started by mshar3, Jun 29, 2016.

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    I am preparing to apply for pension and aid and attendance for my grandmother. She was discharged from medicare rehab on 6/3. She is currently receiving in home physical therapy through medicare. However I am still providing her other care. Should I apply for benefits now or do I need to wait until she is discharged from therapy (6-8 weeks)? Thanks.
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    The real way to help answer that question is to look at her current total assets and monthly income she is receiving. If her current total assets are less than about $80,000 and she is spending through that and her income quickly with her costs of care from rehab and paying you for home care than it would make sense to go ahead and apply. You can always use an Intent to File form, though, if you want to get her application on record and you still need her to spend down some money first before applying for the full benefit.

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