Received A&A approval in 5 months. Thank you!

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    Just to say that without the assistance of this website, I doubt I would have been as successful obtaining A&A for my mother who is 89 and residing in an assisted living facility. I received approval for benefits five months after sending in the application and documentation and received the first deposit March 1, 2016. I did receive a letter regarding January and February payments being withheld as they had declared her "incompetent" to handle her financial affairs and wanted a fiduciary appointed. I followed the appeal process and it was accepted. I have happily shared this website with others who are pursuing A&A for their parent(s).

    One question now, I am considering selling her house and questioning whether I can do this without A&A being discontinued, as I don't want to jeopardize the A&A. I haven't consulted with an attorney yet, and thought perhaps there might be some guidance here.

    Thanks again.
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    Thank you for the kind words! As for your question, depending on how much she gets for sale of her house (which is likely quite a bit), it may result in the loss for her benefit temporarily until that money is spent down. The VA will simply pause the benefit until your mother reaches the level she was previously at, for her need for financial assistance to pay for care. You will have to inform the VA of the sell of the house, including any documents that show how much went to your mother. Use Statement in Support of Claim form 21-4138 to do so. Once she has spent down the money, simply use the same form to ask for reinstatement of her normal benefit award amount, including any bank statements that support your claim that she needs help again.
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    Thank you for the info. Would I be required to inform the VA if if she rents her house?
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    If she is getting any of those rent payments, then yes. Any regular increase to her income per month would have to be notified to the VA
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    My mother receives A&A and has sold her home and received proceeds which will be used for her ALF residence.
    1. Is there still a requirement to notify VA of the sale of the house?
    2. If so, which is the correct form to use, VA 21-8049 or 21-4138. I've seen conflicting info on which form to use...some say do not use 21-4138?
    Thank you.
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    Yes notify the VA as soon as possible a 21-4138 will suffice for reporting it to the VA. You only need to report the net proceeds that are actually received from the sale. A 21-8049 is to report expenses not a change in income. You can report it on a 21-0518-1 if you prefer.
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