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    I am filling out the form and have a couple of questions that weren't covered in the Step by Step guide. Where do I find my dad's gross social security amount? All I have is a bank statement showing how much is deposited each month and I know that is the net amount with medicare taken out. I have requested a copy of the benefit letter from social security but didn't know if it would be on there.

    Also, what goes on the Authorization and Consent to Release Info to the Dept of VA? I didn't see any instructions for that. Does his doctor's info go in there? My father is veteran and claimant, right?

    Also, on Sec V 12b, interest bearing accounts. My dad has a cd that will mature in March. Do I put how much interest he will make on it? Right now it's not paying anything.

    Thank you. This is so confusing!
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    The S/S "income statment" is required by the IRS to file income taxes each year. So, if you can locate the Income Tax file, it should be somewhere in there , much like a W-2 stement.

    If that doesn't work, go to the SS website and request one . Usually takes 5 days or so.

    As far as a CD, the bank can give you an estimate of "accrued" interest.

    Finally, I think you meant VA Form 526 not 256.

    I hope that helps!

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    the vaf 21-4142 is if the vet wants the va to request medical evidence from a private provider (doctor/hospital/clinic etc).

    lets say the vet regularily sees dr smith

    on the form, write the full name of the doctor and the doctor's mailing address.

    you can then write in the conditions the veteran sees the doctor for or a date range

    then on the reverse, complete it, vet needs to sign and date.

    as far as interest goes, the va needs to know how much estimated annual interest the vet will expect to receive. if you go to the bank they can help with an estimate.

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