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    I first applied for death benefits for my mother who is a surviving spouse of deceased war time veteran. That was in 2015 and at that time she was denied DIC benefits due to her income of social security and two small pensions made her income higher than the rate. Her physical health is good at the age of 92, but she has dementia that has been getting worse. She does live in a retirement community where her apartment is considered independent living, but has housekeeping and meals prepared for her. She takes no prescription drugs.

    They denied the use of her rent as a countable expense.

    My question is, it is three years later now and her living expenses are decreasing her savings to where if all stays as it is now she would run out of money in 1 1/2 years. I am looking at ways to plan for this time, but if she could qualify for VA survivorship benefits now, her money would last a little longer.

    I have the original VA file number.

    Should I reapply to see if she qualifies using today's rating tables? Is there a shortened version to reapply? If so, can you lead me to what the form number or name is?

    Thanks so much for your time and advise.
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    You must have applied for Pension, not DIC as DIC does not have an income requirement but Pension does. It sounds like you might have had an issue with Physician's evaluation. There is not a shortened version to reapply, in fact they have added quite a few more pages, although you will not have to resubmit the discharge, marriage license or death certificate again.
    Patty Servaes, VA Accredited Agent
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    Thank you for this information

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