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    I am gathering information to submit form 21-534 for my mother. Before moving to assisted living, she was admitted to the same hospital a number of times over the last 12 months, was an inpatient at a rehabilitation facility and received skilled nursing at the location where she is now in assisted living. I have form 21-2680 signed by the doctor that sees residents in both skilled nursing and assisted living.

    My questions revolve around the level of detail that has to be shown on the list of doctors and hospitals. Does each hospital stay need to be listed, or, since it involved the same hospital, can it be shown only once? Does each specialist that saw her in the hospital have to be listed? Can the list be headed by the date range 2/13 - 2/14 and only the names of hospitals and doctors be shown?

    I am probably making too much out of the list, but I am trying to anticipate anything that could delay approval of the application.

    Thank you for this site. I cannot imagine completing the process without the guidance and information provided here.
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    In regard to past hospital and inpatient rehabilitation records, I submitted only the discharge summary and post discharge plan of care from each facility. Some hospitals call the discharge summary an ‘abstract’. These are usually brief concise summaries from the main doctor. Input from other medical specialists is included.

    In my father’s case, he was:
    - first in a hospital (for stroke)
    - discharged from hospital to an inpatient rehabilitation facility
    - discharged from inpatient rehab to home

    The type of assistance needed at home was clearly indicated in the summaries, especially in the post discharge plan of care from the inpatient rehabilitation facility.

    I am not saying this is the best way to do it, only what we did under our circumstances. Our CVSO supervisor advised my father to submit,
    1) the 21-2680 with detail,
    2) the rehab post discharge plan of care,
    3) health care provider affidavits.

    Our CVSO is probably correct. However, in the interest of being extra thorough I decided to add the hospital abstract and rehab discharge summary because they were quick easy reads, i.e., mostly bullets and short lists which, of course, corroborated other documentation.
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    Thank you for the information on your father's submission. I am going to request hospital abstracts and the rehab post discharge plan to make sure I have everything covered.

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