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Discussion in 'Expenses' started by eifan115, May 5, 2016.

  1. eifan115

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    Not sure how to categorize my mother's payments from my deceased father's government job. The letter I obtained with the amount states it's an annuity but I don't know whether it's the
    civil service retirement system or the federal employee retirement system. I may have to call them back and ask....was a nightmare getting through the first time!

    Also under the gross income tab, her payment is $1294.80 after automatic deductions of $132.46 for health benefits and $13.74 for federal vision insurance. Should I put the whole amount of $1441 for her income and list the other amounts as expenses in section X even though she never sees that money? Also do I put the monthly fee for the assisted living facility in section X?

    In two more weeks this will all be over...then the waiting!

    Thanks again for all the help and patience with my questions!
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    On any monies that she receives from the annuity has to be claimed, so you do need to get clarification on what it is.

    Put the total amount and then list the medical /insurance expenses and ALF fees.

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