Question about Consent to Release Info 21-4142

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by CplK, Nov 25, 2013.

  1. CplK

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    Hi all,
    Is this form 21-4142 only for the doctor who wrote and signed the Physician's Statement? Dad is not in any facility;
    the personal PCP who knows him best filled out the Physician's Statement (21-2680).
    But, Dad has a cardiologist and urologist (neither are fr the VA). They treat him for his cardiovascular disease and incontinence situation, respectively. Do I also need to include seperate releases for each of them, too?

    Am I over thinking this?
    THank you so much,
    Cpl K
  2. vetadmin

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    It can't hurt to include one from all, but the hope is that the PCP has copies of all those test and diagnosis, which would allow for the PCP to provide all medical info.
  3. Max

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    Please do not include a 21-4142. You obviously can if you want, but I have NEVER seen one work out well. It is a waste of time and usually results in a denial. Doctors are not required to respond to VA and they don't have any idea on what they are supposed to submit to VA. The 21-2680 asks the right questions to get an A&A grant. If you want to submit more information, have your doctor elaborate more on the questions on the 21-2680.
  4. CplK

    CplK Newbie

    Thank you so MUCH for that insight about the 2142.
    We originally filed the support of claim 4138 to get a file # and get the ball rolling. The Philadelphia office sent us back the # AND the 526 application for the vet WITH the 4142 Release stapled to the back of it. Naturally, I thought I needed to send that in too. Our Physician's Release is very detailed, so your additional answer clarifying is very welcome.
    THank you again,

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