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    Hi, I have been my mom's caregiver for almost 2 years now. She has issues with a number of ADLs - she is on a walker, cannot dress, bathe and completely transfer by herself. She is 91 years old and my dad, who is deceased, was a WWII veteran.
    I was working full time and have had a caregiver who we pay with a check with no deductions taken out of the check for taxes, etc. I am looking to have my mom enter an assisted living facility in the next month or so and wanted to see if what we have paid out over the past two years would be counted as expenses incurred even though I am not sure if this person filed any taxes as I look at her as an independent contractor.
    My mom gets social security and has a pension so her monthly income is above the income limits; however, the caregiver costs monthly almost equal her income.
    I guess I need to know what to prepare as I try to apply for the A&A benefit that can help offset some of the cost when she goes into Assisted Living which is much higher.
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    The VA counts expenses for care based on the date of application, so no need to go back with the private caregiver. From the time she enters the ALF, or paying for care at home, that is the expense she would disclose.

    Obviously if the ALF rate is going to be higher than what is being paid for home care, you will want to get her into the ALF to be able to claim the higher expense to offset her monthly incomes.

    Good Luck with the process, and please read through the site, print off all the forms you will need, and use the forums for additional support.
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    Thanks that is very helpful. Now one more item. How will the VA count a money market account that is in both our names?
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    You will need to list is showing both of you, so they will count 50% for her.

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