Q: Dad has Medicaid+reduced rent (low income), was just approved for A&A. HELP!

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  1. Dad is 87 in Massachusetts, has full MassHealth (Medicaid) with his "Frail Elder Waiver". Mom has basic MassHealth. Their monthly income combined is $2500...
    Dad was approved for A&A , his benefit is approximately $1900 per month and he's been receiving it for several months. He's also eligible for a lump-sum retroactive A&A payment of approx. $12k.

    My question is, actually questions:
    - Would he lose MassHealth/Medicaid the next time they review his file, since this A&A is not income, not taxable etc?
    - The A&A is not taxable income, correct? Not "income" at all, correct? Not correct?
    - The retroactive is also not taxable, not income either, and is a reimbursement for what Mom and Dad have paid out for his care and attendance...yes? no?

    The A&A is just SO confusing!!
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    Each state has different Medicaid laws, and how MA will view A&A is something we have no knowledge of.

    While A&A is not taxable income, some states look at anything that is income, so we suggest you speak with a MA Medicaid Specialist to better understand your situation.

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