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Discussion in 'Surviving Spouse Application' started by Scott C, Jun 10, 2016.

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    I have read where some mentioned the importance of using proper verbiage when answering certain questions on form 21-2680. I have not seen where the recommended verbiage is noted. Please guide me to the thread that discusses this. If there is no thread, I would be particularly interested in knowing the best verbiage when answering questions #21 (can the claimant feed herself) and #23 (does the claimant need assistance in bathing and in other hygiene needs) and any other questions for which there is a recommended way to best answer the question. Thanks!
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    As far as the verbiage for the Physician's Statement form 21-2680, the physician will most likely write a clear enough message in each of those questions based on the applicant's status. If the claimant (applicant) can feed themselves with some help, then the physician should know and be able to write that accordingly. Same thing for the other question. If you think their answer on the form is somewhat cloudy, you can always request they write in more detail to explain the situation of the claimant so the VA is made absolutely clear. Since this will have a determination on the fiduciary process being necessary or not. I hope that helps. I do not recall anyone asking this question or having an example of specific verbiage on that form on the forums before. Good question!

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