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    In September 2014, the VA decided that my Mom was entitled to aid and attendance, and proposed a finding of incompetency. The monthly payments began, but there is a couple months "back pay" (about $1200.00) that she is owed. I understand that can't be paid until I am appointed her fiduciary. I made the mistake of not checking up on that process, and a year went by. I learned last fall that the VA had done nothing to even begin the fiduciary process. Now they say that the process finally began on December 11, 2015.

    My last call to the VA was totally unsatisfying -- they would tell me nothing about where things go from here or any time frame for this getting resolved. Is it time for me to contact my member of Congress? Is there anything else I can do? Thanks.
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    Unfortunately the fiduciary process can take a long time. It can take up to a year to get the meeting with the VA field agent to complete the process. Since it just began in December 2015, I would say it is a waiting game at this point.
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    Which Fiduciary Hub did you mail to? I went through Indianapolis and had a delay problem which I wrote about in the "Share Your Personal Experience" forum. I waited 4 months, called, then called back in Feb. The second time I called, the rep found out (without using those words) that our application had fallen through a crack. He put an expedite on it (apparently a cover letter from me with that request was ignored). Within 3 days, I had the results of the hearing (by the enclosure, it did not occur until the day I called). Within 3 weeks from that phone call, the field examiner called us. I highly recommend that you call the office and get them to go over the timeline with you and tell THEM to put an expedite on it.

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