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    I mailed my father's forms for A&A 6 weeks ago. Yesterday while I was away from home, the VA called. The first call asked to speak to my father, so my husband said that my father was in assisted living. He also told the caller that I handled most "things" for my dad. (I sent Form 21-0845 with his packet.) The caller said that he had to speak to my dad. Within an hour, there was another call asking to speak to me. I was still not at home. The VA representative told my husband that he is only required to make contact twice, but he would call back in about an hour. The VA rep said that he did not have a number where I could return his call. I returned home and waited for 3 hours, but there was not another call. I'm confused and concerned. The only written correspondence we've received is notice that the VA received Dad's application for benefits. Can someone please explain what kind of information the VA would request over the phone, or why they would want to speak to Dad? I'm frustrated because any other day this past week I would have been home during the time frame of the call.
    Thank you for any information you can provide.
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    Not sure why they called, but they do this from time to time.

    You can try calling next week and saying that a call had come in, but you were not home, and see if they can help as to what they call was about.
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    With the recent passing of my Dad, 94 and a WWII Naval vet, my mother, 91 got a call from VA a few days ago asking (according to Mom) her if she needs help. She went to answer and the caller hung up. May have just been a "verification" call.
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    "The VA representative told my husband that he is only required to make contact twice, "

    this is my hunch, it was probably a VA employee trying to make a brady bill/NICS call. anytime there is a proposed incompetency, the agency is required to make 2 phone attempts to contact the individual to inform them.

    basically this is the purpose of the call:
    The following information is being furnished IAW FL 09-08 dated 02/09/09, subject: National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) Improvement Amendments Act of 2007.

    Based on a VA rating of proposal of incompetency dated___________for___________,
    the beneficiary was informed of the following three NICS oral requirements:

    - the determination of incompetency will prohibit the purchase, possession, receipt, or transportation of a firearm or ammunition;
    - violation of the law may result in a fine and/or imprisonment; and
    - relief of any firearm prohibitions resulting from the determination of incompetency may be available by submitting a request to the Regional Office.

    __Confirmed that this information would be further explained in a letter that the claimant would be receiving shortly.

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