Pension entitlement for year prior to date of claim and form 21-2680.

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    Hi, thanks to all the information on this website my dad received his notice of award approximately 30 days after the VA received the claim.

    With the notice of the award was a notification that there may be an entitlement to pension one year prior to the date of the claim. The letter said there was enclosed VA Form 21-2680. However, there was no form enclosed. Of course I know I can easily download another form, but I am wondering if the form they referred to as being enclosed was prepared in some special way to indicate the medical condition had been present from the year prior. Or do we just obtain a blank form have the physician fill it out again and include a statement that the medical condition was present in the year prior?

    I am indebted for all your invaluable help. Please realize my dad will have a more comfortable life because of your contributions to the followers of this website.

    Jim Lokken for Orville Lokken, WWII vet.
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    This would fall under the VA's Liberalizing Law, and the 21-2680 is only to show the physical conditions requiring care were indeed the same for the previous 12 month.

    Good luck with it all, and hope these additional funds come through for you.

    Thank you Dad for his service to our country for us!
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    Hi, Thanks for your response. But can you clarify: do we submit a new 21-2680 or just provide a statement from the physician that these conditions existed the year prior?
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    You can show that that their care expenses and physical needs for the previous 12 months were the same via the 21-2680, and if you were paying for care the previous 12 months you should have records showing those payments.

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