Parents Separated at time of my Father's death. Would be eligible?

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    My Parents separated after 50 years of marriage and lived apart for approx 12 years before his death. My Mother is 84 and in poor health and recently moved into a assisted living facility. I am completing the application for the Aid and Attendance for Assisted Living. Separation was based on personality changes and poor health my father had after many strokes. They did not go through any legal process other than living separate. They were still married, attended family functions but because of my Father health could not live together. He needed additional care which she could not provide for him. I was told that she would not be eligible for the benefit which I find hard to believe. Anyone have any experience this this and/or know of the best way to complete this section of the application. I am hoping to submit the application soon since she is in great financial need. Thanks!
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    If they were legally married at the time of his death, she is entitled to file for this pension.

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