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  1. mbarchejr

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    Currently using your site to support the arduous task of applying for the Aid & Assistance Pension.

    1) Thank you for your site!!!

    2) Here's some good info regarding completion of the VA 21-526, VA 21-524, VA 21-4138 and probably other forms that I haven't encountered yet. These forms can now be completed online at

    Using this site has several important advantages

    * It's interactive.
    ** You're prompted to answer each question individually
    ** You can [usually] get online help about the question being asked.

    * It's [sort of] intelligent.
    ** It filters the questions presented based on previous answers/selections. It's not nearly as "smart" as it could be, but it's smarter than a paper form!
    ** It validates answers and warns you of potential problems or errors

    * You can save and return to edit before actually submitting the form.
    ** This allows you to research other online resources while attempting to complete the form
    ** It allows you incrementally complete the form. When you find that you must request information, you can save the form, request your information (EX: obtain copy of DD214), then return to edit/complete the form

    Hope this helps.

    Martin Barche Jr
    USAF, Maj (ret)
    Omaha, NE
  2. Fit2009

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    Do you know if they fixed the error that resulted in all Pension claims beign seen as Compensation claims and getting stuck in the lengthy process of the VA searching for the non-existenting service connected injury?
  3. romalynn

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    I did the online application process for the Aid and Attendance Pension on May 29, 2010 and it must have worked because we got a letter back saying this:

    Dear _____: the name of my guy

    We are working on your claim for:

    ---non service connected pension ---special monthly pension

    then it goes on to tell me what else they need from us,which I pray is a good sign.

    My veteran is going to be 91 on September 11, 2010 so really hope that they expedite this, which I did include in remarks and a scanned in letter stating this.

    Good luck
  4. tleep55

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    I too started the online process but got stuck on the question that asked about a physical being done upon discharge. I'm assuming it was done but don't have that date, nor the outcome. My father-in-law is 87 and we're trying to start the process as he is now in a nursing home and has dementia.

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