Nursing Home vs. Assisted Living Care Qualifications

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    Thank you very much for your previous response - I downloaded the financial regs you attached and did read about the updated info re sale of the home & $$$ - it was very helpful and insightful. I have completed the paper work for the A&A Program for my folks (88 & 84 yrs old) but have another question. The Pension paperwork requests a statement from the "nursing home" as to the level of care. No problem here; in your VeteranAid info you state that "assisted living" also qualifies for A&A Pension. I was unable to find any reference in the VA application paperwork for "assisted living", only "nursing home". Does the VA make a distinction between "assisted living" care and "nursing home" care? My parents have just moved into an assisted living facility. Thanks again
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    There is no difference between ‘nursing home care’ and ‘assisted living’ except the medical expense to reduce any countable income. Normally, ‘nursing home care’ is significantly higher.

    Most people do not realize that a veteran or widow may qualify for ‘aid & attendance’ and remain at home. The veteran or widow could have ‘home health care’ come in and this expense could be use to reduce countable income.

    The two key points are the need of some assistance and countable income.

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