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    My dad is 100% SC vietnam vet. He is 70 y/o, and living in a nursing home. Prior to Hurricane Katrina he was living with me (daughter) and family. Due to the lack of health care in general BUT more so for veterans in this post K time, my dad has had to be placed in a NH. First he was an in patient at a VA facility in the acute psych ward for several months. When he was deemed ready for discharge his "team" deemed him to need AL level of care. When they could not find an ALF to accept him with his condition a NH was found. A NH that the VA does not pay for, nor does it accept medicare. ( he would not be eligible for medicare at this point anyway). The social worker at the VA did not mention nor attempt to assist us with additional compensation, it was not mentioned that he may be eligible for anything extra. It is through my extensive research that I have found out about not only A&A or add. comp. (as he is 100%SC). But I have also found out on my own that he is entitled to NH care because of his 100% rating. I am dumbfounded. It feels as though the veterans are so left in the dark regarding what they are entitled to. I have started the project of applying for A&A , as well as trying to get my dad his rightful entitlement of NH care. In the city he is living in the VA currently contracts with 2 or 3 NH's only. And surprisingly, the veterans care center located next door to the VA medical center is not one of them. I am sorry to make such a long post here but so wanted to share this with people who understand. My question is this. . . will applying for both things at the same time be way too confusing for the system? Any advice for how to apply for the NH care that he is entitled to?
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    This is exactly why Deb started this website. Read her story for the background. There are so many veterans and widows missing out on benefits because they are not aware of what to apply for and how. The VA feels they are not obligated to inform veterans and widows of their entitlements but to process the applications when they file. The VA use to provide a small booklet with basic information on benefits. It is called 'Federal Benefits for Veterans and Dependents'. This booklet use to be available free of charge but now a veteran or widow have to pay $5 to learn what they have earned.

    You are correct about your Father being entitle to have the VA pay for his nursing home expenses and/or assisted care due to being rated 100% service-connected. I would like say for others that any veteran rated at least 70% service-connected is entitle to this same benefit. If a veteran is rated less than 70% service-connected but needs nursing home care or assisted living care, due to their service connected disability, the VA will pay for the charges also.

    It doesn't hurt to apply for both benefits at the same time because the monetary benefit (A&A) is handled by the VA Regional Office and the nursing home contract is handled by the nearest VA Medical Center. You should be able to get some retroactive payment.

    Just because a nursing home is not on the VA current approval list doesn't mean that they cannot get approved. It is not that difficult but they must apply.

    Thank you for sharing this information with others. As you know, the VA will not provide this info.

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