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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by kvaavw, Oct 16, 2007.

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    My uncle has recently fallen ill. (Heart attack, Dementia, Mild stroke) He's in a board and care. He owns a home probably worth 250,000. We are running out of money to care for him. Should we sell the home and skip applying for va benefits A&A ? Reading this website it sounds very discouraging. We (my sister) and I need some help in what to do next. He is 93 and is on hospice. I thought about a equity line of credit for the time being. I have financial DOA.
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    Based on the information that you provided, I would recommend you contact an Elder Law attorney. If your uncle is already on hospice and as slow as the VA is in processing these claims, I would not want to give you any false hope. It is a shame that he did not know to apply long before now. The system has failed your uncle and many others like him.

    As a veteran, I feel there is no excuse for this. Our veterans did what was expected of them and the system failed to provide the entitlements that our veterans earned and deserve. Hope you will help pass the word to others so that they too will not miss out on their benefits.

    Thank you for looking out for your uncle.
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    We were in the process of applying for VA aid and attendance when my mother-in-law's house sold. She is living in an assisted-living facility. We were told to contact an elder care attorney, which we did. He drew up a Special Needs Trust and the proceeds from the sale went into the trust account. This money will not be considered by the VA when determining eligibility.
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    every state is different in how the Medicaid covers long term care and what you can and can't keep for what reason. I too recommend seeing an elder law attorney as selling the house may be a bad plan in your state.
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    You can still apply for VA benefits (but you would want to make the decision to sell or not to sell the house before you apply). Since he is on hospice, you can submit verification that he is on hospice (physician statement and letter from hospice) and request that the application be expidited. Also, if he has less than $10,000 in countable resources (excluding the home), you can submit a statement in support of claim and request that the claim be expidited due to very low resources. You would also want to attach an expense form showing his monthly expenses. All of these things can help make the process go faster -- but can't guarantee that they will.

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