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    RE: Father-In-Law - Korean War Vet

    With assistance from this site I submitted a claim for A&A for my father-in-law. In late November we received a letter acknowledging that they received the claim but nothing since. How can I monitor its status? I have seen references here the eBenefits site but I don't know if creating an account there will give me access to the status of the claim or if that is only for claims submitted via the site.

    Also, I now need to change the mailing address so I called the number in the letter but they said I needed a 21-0845 which we did submit with the application. Perhaps it wasn't logged yet?

    Lastly my FIL is living with his sister so she is his primary caregiver. She was asking me if she is eligible for any compensation. Would the A&A benefit when received go toward an agreed upon compensation or is there some other program she is eligible for?

  2. Kaylin

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    I do not think you can create an account on eBenefits if you didn't submit your original claim through there. I'm happy to hear you mailed the application and did not submit it through that site, however, because I have heard some negative feedback on using eBenefits and I think it's best to keep a paper record of the application process.

    Unfortunately it is a waiting game at this point. Unless your FIL is facing serious financial hardship until he gets awarded the benefit and/or he is at least 90 years old or older then there is not a way to expedite the application. But those are two options if they seem right for his situation.

    Did you submit the 21-0845 with the new mailing address or the old one? If you need to update your mailing address I would resubmit the 21-0845 like they requested with the new address and a Statement in Support of Claim form explaining you are just updating the address.

    Yes, your sister could be paid by your FIL for care purposes if he is awarded the A&A benefit. Once he is awarded the benefit he can choose to pay her however much he wants on a regular basis to act as his primary caregiver. You might also have her look into this blog post we made about benefits for caregivers of veterans:
  3. Lori Stopka

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    Thanks very much Kaylin. The 21-0845 was submitted with the old mailing address. We were at the VA the other day and mentioned needing to change the address and we were given form 20-572 to complete. We not sure if that will accomplish what we need.

    In addition, we just received another letter from the VA, this time saying they need additional evidence.

    First they say the application did not provide complete income information. The only income my FIL has is social security and I did provide a copy of his 2017 SS Benefit Letter. They suggest using form 21-4138. I can provide his 2018 benefit letter as it was just received but is that what they want?

    Second they say that they need more information regarding caregiver fees. At the time of the application I had only two weekly invoices from the in home care company we hired for services provided in October. They now want to know how much we pay monthly from November 14th ( the date of the application). I can provide them all the invoices since the date of the application as they clearly indicate the amount paid, date payment was made, the name of the company, the type of service (PCA). The letter mentions that our in-home attendant must provide a statement listing the information already indicated on the invoices I provided and suggest using form 21-4138. Is the company we hired supposed to fill out 21-4138?

  4. Kaylin

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    You're welcome!

    As far as the application not being complete - did you put "N/A" or "0" in those blanks that were not relevant to your application or did not need to be filled out completely? That might help as well because the VA likes every single blank on the application paperwork to be filled out even if it's just N/A. Yes, using the 21-4138 to clarify with the copy of the 2018 benefit letter will probably help.

    No, the home care agency doesn't have to fill out the 21-4138. But it might help to have them fill out a Caregiver Statement might help. This is just a basic example of what that form can look like. Others on the forum have used this format for their application:


    This CARE SERVICES AGREEMENT documents the prior verbal agreement and/or understanding made by and between the Client (the person requiring care services) and the Caregiver (the person providing care services) of said agreement.

    Services are to include the following itemized services and any others deemed necessary or desirable for the health and well being of the Client.
    · Monitoring health status to include physical and emotional condition. Coordination of doctors' appointments, transportation to appointments, consulting with doctors, keeping prescriptions up to date, picking up prescriptions, organizing and administering all medications.
    · Securing health care professionals, doctors, nurses, and home care providers as necessary.
    · Assistance with bathing, dressing, personal hygiene, grooming, and health care as needed.
    · Assessing personal needs and desires as to social, physical, entertainment, hobby, and personal pursuits as needed and or/requested by Client.
    · Assisting with instrumental daily activities to include care of pets and securing the home regarding "safety" measures as needed.
    · Financial management including weekly and monthly bill paying, daily money management, and taking care of other financial matters.
    · Dealing with other third parties to coordinate matters detailed herein.
    · Safeguarding client's rights with regard to benefits and other programs client is entitled to.
    · Manage and run home by providing all following services and any others necessary for a well-maintained home environment: planning, cooking, and serving all meals, cleaning, laundry, transportation, errands, shopping, lawn care, landscape maintenance, and minor home repairs.
    The weekly or monthly compensation paid to the Caregiver is subject to change at any time as agreed between the Client and the Caregiver. The initial arrangement is as follows.
    Hours/Days: Full time, seven days a week, 24 hours a day
    Compensation: $amount a month
    ____________________ ____________________
    Dated Client

    _______________________ __________________________
    Dated Caregiver
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    Contact your Senator's office for help. The VA is required to respond within 30 days to a Senator's inquiry. That was the only way I was able to get A&A for my father, a WW2 South Pacific combat vet.
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