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    Hello. I have so many questions so I will start off with th easy one's first. My dad is a WWII vet,he is 84 and my mom is 81. He is not in perfect health but better than her,she has moderate Alzheimer's and of course it is all downhill. They still live @ home in Ok (I am in Tx) I desperatly need to get them closer but they are stubborn. If I were to get them into an independent living place would they be eligible for A&A? She can't live alone and it is getting really hard on him there being the only one to take care of her. Or does it need to be assisted living? He still works some with income of about $8K a yr, there ss is around $1400 a month, there are some little money market accts but not over 10K , so I believe there assets are definetly lower than 80K.

    If you think they might be eligible can you please help me on what exactly it is we need to do. I know a few years ago he was going to try and get VA assistance for his meds but there was too much paper work, and the VA place was 90 miles away. As I said he is a stubborn one, and therefore that is where I come in. So let me know if I need to supply more info, I am so confused and a little overwhelmed right now so be patient with me.....

    Thanks a million for any help & advice you can give,
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    From the information you proivded it does not sound as though at this point this would be a viable option for you. In order to qualify, the "veteran" is the one who must be in need of assistance in order for the spouse to also benefit. Of course your mom would also benefit as the widow of a veteran.

    If your dad is mobile and able to take care of himself, this is not an avenue you can explore at this time, but suggest that you get all the paperwork you will need so if and when the time comes, you will be able to act quickly in making application.

    We wish you the best of luck with finding a solution.

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