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    Hi. My Korean war veteran father passed away back in February, and I applied for A&A for my mom, who lives with us and is currently on hospice back in March. I completed the forms and on e benefits see her status has recently been changed to pending decision in October. The caseworker who is assigned to my mother assisted in having the physician's form completed. I'm not sure if they are going to declare my mother incompetent and therefore request a fiduciary, which I can do, but she is able to move around the house with a walker, uses an oxegan machine, needs assistance preparing meals and bathing, but is able to speak coherently. My mother doesn't receive any other income and has no other assets other than SS. What are the chances she will be approved based off of the aforementioned?
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    Without knowing the financial side and how much Mom is paying you to act as her caregiver, I can't say with any certainty as to how the VA will rule. She obviously needs assistance with daily living, but if she has failing mental capacities and those are noted on the Physician's Evaluation, then yes, the VA will find her "mentally incompetent" for handling her own financial affairs and she will need to request you being appointed as her Fiduciary.

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