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Discussion in 'Eligibility Questions' started by Hi Everyone from Shelia, Jul 27, 2017.

  1. Hi Everyone... My dad served in the Army and I have his DD 214. However I can't find his dates of service because I don't know how to read this form its from 1955. I know he served during Vietnam but I just can't find the dates. I am my dads caregiver full-time. Can anyone help me so I can determine if he is eligible for A & A. Thank you Shelia
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  2. Kaylin

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    Hello Shelia! I would go to your local VSO (Veterans Service Officer) to ask for assistance in reading the DD214 to find out the dates your dad served. That would be your best bet.
  3. Thank you I will do just that..
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  4. Matt375

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    If you feel comfortable I can take a look for you. I am an accredited VSO with many of the service organizations.
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  5. Kaylin

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    Thank you, @Matt375

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