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    Hope you can help. I am a 90-year veteran of Korean War. I still live in my own home but my wife needs rehab care, nursing care, etc. We have very limited funds. Need to use any vet benefits I am entitled to. What am I eligible for please? I served in the army 1950-52 during Korean war. I did not see fighting action, but I was stationed in Canada-Yukon territory (near Russia) and we built an emergency airstrip up there. Honorably discharged. Do I qualify even though I did not see action? The Korean war was happening when I served.
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    Hello susanbee,

    Would you be looking to apply for yourself AND your wife or just your wife? What years did you serve during the Korean war? If you served during one of the periods of time (at least one day active duty) I have shown below then you could definitely be eligible for the Aid and Attendance benefit. You did not need to be in combat in order to qualify for this benefit.

    Korean Conflict:
    June 27, 1950, through January 31, 1955.

    What I would recommend you do if you are eligible is to read through our website,, to really understand what the benefit is and what it entails. You and/or your wife will have to be paying for senior care either in a nursing home/assisted living facility or home care. Here is our how to apply page with complete instructions:

    If you have any other questions please come back to the forums and we'd be happy to help. Is your wife currently looking for a place to receive care? If so I have a free service to recommend to you and her to find the best fit for y'all based on her care needs and how much money you guys will be able to pay either with or without the benefit.
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    Kaylin--I have a brief follow-up to your post. For my edification--from what you're saying, it sounds like a veteran with an ill spouse (i.e., the veteran is NOT the one in need of care) is medically eligible for A&A? Not just Basic Pension?

    And to susanbee--thank you for your service (and by the way, that must have been cold service--the Yukon territory?!). As Kaylin said, please come on back here if you have more questions--we'll try to help!
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    Yes, an ill spouse of a veteran can be eligible for A&A. It can go beyond basic pension to the full benefit amount of $1406 per month.
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    Got it, Kaylin--thanks!
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    Thank you!

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