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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by insanity825, Dec 4, 2008.

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    My name is Jay Freeman and I served in the Desert Storm and Desert Shield. Currently i am living with my sister and her family. Thank god they haven't given up hope on me. I need some assistance and support, its been 17 years since the gulf war. Also 17 years in my personal hell. Having given up on the V A for many years due to them giving me pills which had nasty side effects for what i was told Brain seizures. I have not been to doctors. Ive tried to get by through life not wanting to admit i was affected by my service in the Gulf war. Unfortunately being high and ignoring what happens to me isnt where i wish to be. But i find the whole V A system a joke , I've been told by Castle Point V A hospital i had to go to East Orange for a common cold which would have been a 3 hour train ride. Now i am making step to do myself Justice. I would Appreciate help and advice from others
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    What state are you in?

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