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    I am trying to assist my uncle who is 84 and not well. He receives SS (not SSI) in the amount of $1191 a month which is too much to qualify for a "needs" pension. In 2014 however his medical bills skyrocketed to around $5K. From my reading it appears that he may now qualify. So here are my 2 questions:1. If he receives a VA pension, is it deducted from his SS? and 2.If his medical bills for 2014 are deducted from income to qualify to begin benefits and he receives money during 2015 but then his medical is not as high during 2015, will the VA want to recoup? I don't want to get him into a position where he uses the new pension money to pay off these medical bills but then has to repay it because he did not qualify during the year he actually receives the pension.
    He is not ready for an Aid and Attendant assistance yet but it appears we are headed that way soon. I cannot reach anyone at 800-827-1000 (VA), message just says too busy to take my call.
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    Your Uncle would have to actually require the assistance of others and be paying someone to have a medical deduction to help him qualify for this pension. Miscellaneous medical bills for one-time events would not establish this for him. You cannot predict future expenses. The VA works off of current on-going expenses for care.
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    You may want to check with your local SS office and apply for SLMB

    It appears he's $4 a month over the allowance but it is possible they allow deductions when taking into acct his income (such as the monthly medicare deduction).
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    If your Uncle is medically eligible for A&A, he will receive a partial benefit because of his low income (assuming he is otherwise eligible). This is the case regardless of whether he is paying someone for care.

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