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    My grandmother was living alone for quite sometime and fell and broke her hip back in December. She has COPD, Emphysema, Congestive Heart Failure, Diabetes, Kidney Problems and a few others. I decided it wasn't safe for her to live alone. I found a board and care home here is California who offered to care for her for less than the amount of what they normally would charge. She gets around $1770 (disability and pension from my grandfather who was Vet/Retired). I am left paying for anything else that she needs (prescriptions, clothing, personal items, etc.
    We filed the AA paperwork in early January. I have called each week and checked status. As of June 6, they are at "Decision Stage". Problem is - is that she has been out of the board and care since May 09, 2013. She ended up with a "superbug" infection and was in hospital for 10 days then to a rehab center and was moved back to the hospital and has been there 2.5 weeks with pneoumonia. Doctor offered hospice but, can't do that as the board and care can only support if the person has a single room and she has shared room. They don't even have any single rooms. I am at a loss of what to do to see if VA can rush anything. I don't see her getting better and the care home can only provide a certain amount of assistance as they are not a nursing home. Are there any suggestions that anyone can provide?
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    by all means contact your state Senator and have their office do a congressional inquiry and it should speed up the process....I have been "battling" VA in behalf of my sister for AA for over 2 years and within 2 days with help of the Senator inquiry they did respond...good luck
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    What may be an issue here is that you (she) cannot draw both DIC and A&A. The max award for A&A for a widow is $1,113, which would be much less than what she is currently receiving. You certainly don't want the VA to reduce her down, so it may be a blessing that they have not made a decision as of yet.

    She is lucky to have you act in this capacity for her, but you may want to check with the VA on the conflict of the award.
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    Thank you for your feedback. Unfortunately, we lost Grandma on 06/28. She had been in the hospital since May 09, 2013. After she won a battle of pseudomas; she went went to rehab and then ended up back at hospital only to get pneumonia/congestive heart failure. I was with her right by her side at her final days. I hope that all the hard work that each of you give to your loved ones pays off, as I know its a tough job. Just try and love them a little more each day :'(
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    We are so sorry for your loss, and this difficult time for you and your family. At the end of our journeys the battles can be more than we can bear.

    She is blessed to have had you by her side through all of this, and we will keep you in our prayers.

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