My Story So Far - Part 3

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    And here's the continuation of my story, taking us up to today, 5/13/17.
    5/12/17 (Friday) I received a call at work from a senior examiner at the VA. Oh my gosh, what a nice woman! She said that unfortunately, they just received the 2016 IRS crosswalk and she just needed to verify the 2016 dividend interest for my mom. She wanted to call me rather than send another letter because the case had been going on so long. In our conversation, I also mentioned that her resources had dropped significantly from when she first applied, from about $55,000 to now about $38,000. She indicated that yes, I should include the change in asset information and I could email her copies of the documents. She sent me an email so I'd have her address, and just a little while ago I sent her scanned copies of not only the 2016 dividend information, but a copy of my mom's latest Charles Schwab and bank information to document her reduced assets, including a VA Form 21-4138 Statement in Support of Claim. I also again mentioned in my letter mom's age and the request to expedite her review. She'll be back in the office on Monday, and will review what I sent her then.
    It's been 8 months since I sent in the original application. I now have my fingers crossed that they will in fact make a positive determination very soon.
    Lessons learned (so far). Make sure all income lines have a number on them. Yes, I know that's basic, but there is so much information that it's easy to overlook something like I did. Check and double-check and then check again a few hours later to make sure you didn't "blink" over anything. Send documents Priority Mail EXPRESS with Return Receipt, signature requested. It's worth the money, and it cuts down on time. I also requested an expedited review in each cover letter I sent, and mentioned mom's age, despite the 3/1/17 letter saying she was now under the standard claim processing procedure. Definitely put your own address as the contact address. I didn't do that at first and it would have again shaved weeks or months off of this process. I keep my copies of everything I send each time, including any post office receipts and the green signature return receipts in a fire safe box! I couldn't imagine something happening to destroy all of these records. Track details, track dates and conversations, be persistent and keep your fingers crossed.
    I'll update this post once I know what the final decision is.

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    Thank you so much for sharing your story with us, Deb. I know you've been through a long and difficult journey to get the A&A for your mom and we are all hoping that it results in good news soon. Please do keep us updated! Thanks also for your tips you provided for others.

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