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    I don't know that this pension is the right thing for him right now.

    He would have to be paying someone to provide his daily care to demonstrate a need for the pension.

    He would have to disclose all sources of income from both you and he, and it would depend on where that leaves you at the end of the month after paying for his care.

    You first need to do two things. First look on the site for the Approved Periods of Was to see if his service time qualifies him. If he is receiving Compensation from the VA for service-connected injuries, then you would need to determine in the current compensation is more or less than what he could received from the A&A pension providing he is eligible.

    I am so sorry that things have been such a struggle for you both, and certainly you find your way to better days and soon
  2. Dear Debbie, Sadly, my experience as the step-daughter of a WWII War Veteran, and daughter of a "surviving spouse" mirrors yours and so many others. My mother's claim for VA Aid and Attendance and Improved Pension was administratively mishandled at each claim. It is so sad that like my mother's claim, she died while waiting to hear from the VA. Thank you for your devotion to helping others based on a principled hope that we should honor the sacrifices made by U.S. Veterans and not forget them, giving to them the 'duty of care" to proactively insure that each VA benefit is reviewed in a timely fashion and the help is given without senseless obstacles. Thank you, Debbie, for all your work.
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    Chip off the Block,

    I am so sorry that your story so closely mirrors mine. Given the criteria for this pension, there really is no reason for the delays that are imposed or leveraged against the applicant.

    I am honored that I was able to take my circumstances and turn them into something that would help others, and I thank you for your kind words regarding my efforts.

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