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    I know this sounds almost insane but it's true. I filed for my Dad on Jan. 9, 2012. He just got the letter of approval today but it was dated Jan. 19, 2012. We heard from them prior to that on Jan. 12 but it was to only to say they received the application.

    I have no one to thank but Debbie and the wonderful people on this site. This is a real shocker to us!!! He got the full amount of $1703.00.

    I read this site for days on end before the paperwork was sent. There would be no possible way that I could have figured out the mountain of paperwork to send if I had to figure it all out on my own.

    Now, of course my Dad does not need a fiduciary, so that might have also helped his approval so quickly. He is 89 years old but don't know if that helped either. Now, what was strange is I did not request they expedite his claim due to his advanced age. It was a worry that I omitted that in my cover letter but it obviously it proved to be needless in his case.

    This was written about the Evidence Used to Decide Your Claim

    VA Form 21-256
    VA Form 21-8416
    VA Form 21-2680
    Caregiver Statement
    Social Security Award Letter
    Death Certificate for Wife
    Proof of Service

    I filled out all of the forms online, so they were quite neat and easy to read. They also said he may be entitled to prior benefits from January 9, 2011 to January 9, 2012. You can bet those forms will be sent out A.S.A.P! (well, maybe after he gets his first month's benefit on Feb. 1)

    Again, this site is golden and there really are no words to express my appreciation. Debbie should be canonized as "Saint Debbie of Aid and Attendance." Her work is selfless and remarkable. I know of no one who would expand all of that energy and put so much love into a website to help old vets. I know my Dad never believed there was such a person but now his faith has been restored.

    Thank You Debbie! You are a true jewel!

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    Katy, that's fantastic news...congratulations to your dad! My dad was approved in 11 days, and we were just in shock. I immediately sent in the forms VA said were needed to apply for the 12 months prior benefits, but it's been 5 months and we haven't heard anything so far. I guess maybe that isn't as much of a priority for them? Did you send in an "Intent to File" form before you actually sent in your application? I've read repeatedly on the forums that everything is approved from that date, but my dad's was approved from the time the actual application was received, even though I had sent in the Form 21-4138 Statement in Support of Claim "Informal Intent to File" 2 months prior to that, and I can't get any information regarding that from the VA. I did do an inquiry on line, but they just sent one of those form letters back saying the 12- month prior application was being processed but they could find nothing in the system regarding the "Intent to File" Form. You're right, this is an awesome site...I couldn't have figured everything out without it, either. Pat
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    I've got a smile on my face that I can't wipe off.

    WOW - I think you may hold a record for the fastest ever, and my only wish is that this would be the case for everyone. This is just awesome news for you and your Dad.

    I am humbled by your kind words of appreciation for my efforts. Every time I get to change things for someone else's loved one, it makes it easier to deal with my Mom's ending, and I know in my heart there is a reason I felt compelled to take this mission on. Comments like yours is just affirmation of that.

    Please share the site in whatever ways you can so that you will make the difference for someone else.

    All the best, and congratulations!
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    I hope you guys have donated to the site to keep it running!

    To get the extra two months, Send a letter in on the Statement in support of claim with the proof of delivery of the Intent to file - even if its just the letter they sent you after they received it.
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    I most certainly did donate to this wonderful site the other day and with pleasure! If it were to shut down, I dread to think of all of the applicants running around like chickens with their heads cut off trying to figure out that map of confusion in filling out forms. ;D


    Not sure about the 12 months prior yet. I'll send in the information but something tells me it might be in vain. lol I have never seen or heard of anyone actually getting it. Maybe we should just count our lucky stars our applications were approved so quickly!! We shall see and keep us updated!

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    Fit, yes I have donated already, and was more than happy to do that! I sent a Statement in Support of Claim in September with a copy of the original "Intent to File" I had sent in June and respectfully requested that they consider that date.
    Katy, you're so right about being happy and counting our lucky stars. I almost felt guilty even inquiring about the 12 months prior benefits, but VA is the one that told my dad he probably qualified and what forms to send in. We still haven't had to wait as long as most and, for that, we're very grateful. If it weren't for Debbie and this site my dad would have to be in an Assisted Living Facility, and my sister woudn't be able to live with him and be his Caretaker. When Dad is sitting on his patio enjoying the flowers and birds (and a doe with 3 fawns in the woods the other day!) it just reminds us how much we have to be thankful to Debbie for. Pat
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    You know what? I don't feel a bit guilty over the 12 months prior. If I knew about this benefit two years ago, my Dad would have qualified and applied back then. The amount of savings he exhausted for caregivers was astronomical. The Aid and Attendance benefit is not something that is well publicized. I actually found out about it through an elderly lady in my neighborhood. Her mind is not in the best state and she relayed the info to me in bits and pieces. Her husband was already collecting disability from injuries he suffered in WW2 and the way she explained it, I thought that was a requirement and had to be a part of this "too good to be true" benefit. My Dad certainly never knew about it! Well, just out of curiosity I began to research and make calls. I actually called a few attorneys and got different takes from each one. Most of them had no idea what they were talking about and reminded me of used car salesman. lol I then called a VSO and although he was more learned, he was also pushing to come and visit my Dad and prepare his claim. I was very suspicious of him. He was just too pushy and adamant about having my Dad use him to help. I also called the VA and it took some time for the service rep to even admit there was such a thing as Aid and Attendance.

    In any event, I spent a great deal of time on the net trying to gather as much info as possible and was finally directed to this site where I could finally see the light of day!

    As I said before, I will send the paperwork in but I'm not holding my breath . There is just something very cryptic about how they decide who is entitled to the 12 months prior. If Dad does not get this, then we will move on and stay content that we got the initial claim approved in record time!
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    If you met the physcial and income asset requirements 12 months prior you get the extra 12 months - they take a long time to decide - we see 6-8 months on average.

    NANAPATOK Newbie

    Fit, thanks so, so much...definitely worth the wait!!!

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