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    I know that this organization was recommended to me as a source for help in determining eligibility and for filling out the application. I did have a telephone call with them yesterday. I wanted to share my experience.

    They were respectful, but business-like. They explained their whole disclaimer up front (this phone call was free, but they offer a service for filling out the VA application). This service costs from 500-800.00 Of course, they know that they can't legally charge for filling out the application, so they call it a 'cash flow analysis.' I wonder how that could cost 800, as my MIL has no assets or significant cash flow anyway.

    They did run through the basic questions on eligibility. It was good to hear that my MIL most likely qualifies. But then, they said of course I can fill out the application myself, but it would take from 8-12 months to get approval, vs paying them and getting it approved in about 4 months. I thought, well the approval time varies anyway, so how will 800 d0llars really speed that up? I am not certain that it is worth that price.

    In addition, they told me that the VA no longer uses the need for medication management as a criterion for A&A eligibility. I'm looking right at the form for the doctor and there is the item listed. The form is also current, so I'm thinking that they are just feeding me a line to get me to use their service.

    I don't doubt that it is a useful resource, but I know from this forum that there are less expensive ways to fill out the form and get it submitted. I was told that the local American Legion has an officer who can be your advocate and for much less cost. I just wanted to share.
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    Yes! This is the kind of problem we run into and these are the kind of scammers we warn veterans and their families about. It's sickening to know they can just call it "cash flow analysis" and charge a veteran for help in filing for the A&A benefit. They are also wrong, their help will not necessarily result in a speeding up of the application being approved. That varies from applicant to applicant and is determined by a wide range of things.

    It's not worth the price at all, as it is illegal! I'm glad you did not fall into their trap and came to the forums instead. Thank you for sharing!
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    I work at an Assisted/ Independent Living community and we do utilize Elder Resource Benefits consultants to work with our residents for the cost analysis/application process. However, it is a free service that we offer our residents. I have worked with the company for over 8 years and they are on the up & up. They have never tried to sell a resident an annuity or any other services. They have only guided them with the utmost professionalism and are not scammers.
    It is true that the VA no longer considers medication reminders as an ADL. They did a few years back, but this is no longer the case. Yes it still is a question on the Physician's statement! Usually from the time the VA receives the application it is taking 2-3 months to receive an award. That is the average. We have had a handful go thru in 30 days. I currently have 17 Veterans and several more surviving spouses living in my community. I had one resident that insisted using a firm that she had to pay $2,600 up front to do the application. I beggeed her not to because when I researched them I sam many red flags. Needless to say, They sold her annuities and it's been 9 months and still no award!! UGH!!!
    I would suggest looking for a community for your loved one where they will provide this service for you at no charge to you. I know for fact there are at least 15 communities just in Indiana that will do this!Look for a community that has a person dedicated to making this happen for you!!!
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    This is Patty From ERBC - you are allowed to charge for a pre-application analysis - that is what we charge for, its the only thing we have ever charged for - we do also call it a cash flow analysis. Since we do not use the VA benefit as a loss leader to get people to transfer assets or buy annuities, you can always be sure that our only concern is getting the veteran or surviving spouse the VA benefit as soon as they are eligible.
    We advocated for Veterans regarding the removal of medication management, transportation, housekeeping and meal preparation in 2015-2016 and I'm pleased to announce that while they are still excluded as ADLs they are now considered in the definition of Custodial care.
    If you've been denied, feel free to contact as as we have a tremendous success record over turning VA Pension denials.
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    Can you explain why you have a page advertising ERBC if you consider them a scam?
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    Hi Patty,

    What advice do you give families that have excessive net worth?


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    Hello Robert,
    Prior to 10/18/2018 we would analysis the income and net worth and determine how much the client could have in assets - we were successful in getting benefits for veterans and surviving spouses who had up to $250,000 in assets! But those days are gone - as of 10/18/2018 the maximum amount of assets the claimant (and their spouse if there is one) can have is tied to the Federal Maximum Community Spouse Resource Allowance for Medicaid Purposes - which is $126,420 for 2019 and will increase each time social security has a COLA.

    If one of our clients has more than $126,420, we do the analysis to let them know when they will qualify given their current rate of spend and discuss allowable spends that will not result in a penalty period being accessed. If they are interested in transferring assets, we do the math to tell them how long it would be before they can file for VA benefits given the amount they want to transfer and their current rate of spend. We would advise them to find an elder law attorney in their community that they trust. It is important to note that the look back period is not as straightforward or as stringent as the Medicaid look back period. Luckily, with the asset amount being $126,420 EXCLUDING your primary home, even if you rent it, a lot of people are able to qualify without moving any assets.

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