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  1. My father was a WWII service-connected 100% disabled vet.
    He required full time care during the final 4 years of his life, which I provided in his home untill his death in 1986.
    I applied for A & A for him and the VA's final decision was that he was only 99% disabled and did not qualify.
    I never recieved anything from the VA for being his caretaker!
    My mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer's/dementia in March 2007 and had to leave her home and move into my home.
    My wife and I are the caregivers.
    I applied for A & A in Dec. 2008 after reading the Boomer magazine article.
    A & A was granted and, I was appointed her fiduciary and I finally recieved a check in the mail for Feb.-Aug. The VA advised me that Jan. benefit is held in arrears. She did not recieve anything for Dec. even tho, that is when the application was submitted.
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    benefits are payed in arrears.

    ex. if his date of claim was 12-05-08 and benefits were granted, then his first pay date will be 01-01-09. Benefits for the month of January are paid at the end of jan or first of the next month depending on when the first of the next month falls. etc.

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