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    My dad currently receives A&A, and still lives in his own home - which is only 1 mile from us (nice). However, we are moving and have found a house that has a guest house. We are thinking of moving dad into the guest house so that he'll still be close. It's a completely separate house - 2 bed, 1 bath, living room and kitchen. All one address, though.

    He's had the same caregiver now for almost two years, and she would continue to provide care (meal preparation, bathing assistance, etc.)

    Would moving him to our new address - even though he would live separately - cause an issue with his countable income? I'm thinking it might because then he would be living with me (even though he wouldn't). But, things like his electricity, water, cable would no longer be separated (although those things were never part of countable income considerations in the first place, I assume there is an assumption of those costs built into the rubric they use to determine financial eligibility.)


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    Hello Jeanne,

    I do think that him moving into the guest house of your new home would make your entire household income his new countable income. As you said, utilities would no longer be separated and he's living at the same address. Just know that it won't really have an effect on his assets because the home is excluded from that figure. You will have to update the VA on his new address, though, and when you do so it may be best to include a new sheet with countable income of the entire household.
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    Sorry @Kaylin that is incorrect. The VA determines household by who presents as the said household. It shouldn't have any effect on his pension. Just report the Change of Address to the VA and you'll be fine. The most important thing to report to the VA is ANY - Change in Income or Change in Medical Expenses. Those are the two biggest issues that cause pensions to be lost or have to repay the VA.
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    Interesting! So when "household" is determined - that is actually determined by the applicant(s) themselves? It's not a definition that the VA has that would include anyone living with the veteran and/or spouse at the time of application? I want to make sure I understand. Thank you for your insight on this.

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