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    My mom is a 90 year old vet who recently lost sight in one eye, had mini strokes and needs assistance with everything except self-feeding. We moved her to our home in Florida and I have spent about $6,000 getting her here, setting up a room for her, buying bed, assist chair, new eyeglasses, etc. I am also spending considerable time doing medication management, food prep, laundry, travel to doctors appointments, etc. She has social security and pension equaling about $1,700 per month. She has no other assets so she will rely on us for everything. Am I able to get any of these expenditures covered through Aid and Attendance? How do I go about quantifying my time, groceries ,her living expenses, gas, etc? We have made the application and I need to fill out care and expenses form but I am lost. Is there a service I should or could use? Any help would be appreciated. Sheri L
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    All of the expenses you have currently spent on moving her and setting things up are not something you can be reimbursed for.

    What you can do is charge your Mom to act as her caregiver so that she shows a financial need for this pension to pay for her care.

    Since this benefit is meant to offset care expenses, that would be the only way your Mom could make application.

    She would need to write you a check each month out of her own banking account. You do not want to combine your account and hers.

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