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  1. Mom and I filled out forms for A&A at first of September 2016. We had not heard about this program until July and took me that long to get everything together. My local VA office did all the paperwork and filed for us. She like everyone else on here received two letters apologizing for the delay. One in November and the last January out of Columbus, Ohio. Dad served in WW2 and was a C-Bee.

    Mom was 88 when we filed and still in decent health. She just celebrated her 89th Birthday in January and sadly passed away last week. Yes, I am still grieving.

    Mom so wanted this money as I was her sole caregiver and my sister only allowed her so much money. Which was her SS, so you no that was not much money. Barley covered her meds.

    Anyhow now that she has passed I believe I am understanding that since we have not been awarded yet this will all be in vain? It has been exactly 6 months and Mom would have wanted me to have that money to cover all expenses.

    Can anyone help with this question? She was excited about this and asked me several times about it. Told her we were still waiting. Wish Mom was still here waiting with me on a answer....


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    Hello Laura,
    I am so sorry for the loss of your mother.

    Since your mother is the surviving spouse of a vet and it doesn't sound like she has any dependents, I believe your recourse here is to file for reimbursement for the costs of your mother's last sickness and burial. I don't believe this is limited to specific items or amounts; rather, all "reasonable expenses " incident to the last illness and burial will be considered by the VA (for instance, in a quick search on this forum, I found posts that aver such reimbursement is not limited to just the out of pocket expenses incurred for final arrangements not covered by pre-existing arrangements or policies, nor is it just for the last ambulance ride).

    The correct form to use for this claim is Form 21-601 Application for Accrued Amounts due a Deceased Beneficiary. The claim should be filed by the person or persons whose funds were or will be used to pay such expenses. And if the expenses of your mother's last illness and burial were paid by your mother/her estate, then I believe the executor of her estate files the claim.

    You have one year from the date of your mother's death to file the claim. You will need a copy of your mother's death certificate. You will need to pull together all the bills/statements from your mother's last illness and burial to support your claim.

    Good luck with the process, and again, I'm sorry for your loss, Laura.
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    Couldn't have said it better myself. Thanks for supplying another great answer, Jandy!

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