Mom on Medicaid; now VA wants to give her A & A

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Netty_73, Oct 11, 2013.

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    Hello there... Since I know that Medicaid rules vary by state, I'm not sure if anyone here can help me. I think I have a somewhat unique situation, although I'm sure someone has experienced it at some point.

    My dad was a WWII Vet who died in April 2010. We knew at that time that my mom had Alzheimer's and could not live alone. She moved to an assisted living, and when her assets got down to $80,000, I applied for Aid & Attendance benefits for her. That was in May 2011.

    In December 2011, my mom moved to a memory care facility due to her increasing care needs. In March 2012, I got a denial of benefits letter from the VA that told me an 85 year old woman (my mom) should be able to live on $80,000 the rest of her life. Never mind that she had $80K NINE MONTHS previous and of course no longer had that much in the bank. I protested the denial.

    In December 2012, Mom had to go on Medicaid as she had depleted all her assets, and we still hadn't gotten approved for VA benefits at that time. Since then, everything has gone smoothly with Medicaid. Now, two and a half years after our original claim was filed, I am getting notified by a local VA representative that Mom has been approved for benefits, and they are direct-depositing $1,031 a month in her checking account. Obviously, this is going to cause issues with Medicaid. And if that wasn't bad enough, they are going to be giving her retroactive pay of $27,000 since our original claim was filed in May 2011.

    Not to sound ungrateful, but we really don't need or want the VA benefits at this point. I've tried telling the VA rep who's been contacting me that I'd like to withdraw our request, and he seems to think I can't do that (he sounds VERY young and inexperienced on the phone.) All of my mom's expenses are being covered by Medicaid at this point,and I really don't want to rock that boat. If they give us that huge check, I'm guessing Mom will have to go back on private pay at her facility until its gone and then I'll have to refile for Medicaid all over again. We could have used the VA's money when Mom was on private pay, but now that she's on Medicaid, it's a completely moot point.

    There is absolutely no good that can come for my mom or me at this point. We've already prepaid her burial plan, etc. She has plenty of clothes, nice furniture, etc. Furthermore, I have to go through an interview with this VA guy so he can determine if I'm suitable as a representative payee. That means a background check, credit check, character references, etc. And for what? So I can help two government agencies exchange money??

    I guess my question here is--has anyone ever refused their VA benefits? Or is that not an option? I would rather that someone who could actually USE these benefits got them.
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    Somebody on here will tell you what you need to do thought comes to my mind while you wait for the correct answer...Just wondering, What if you completly close the bank account??? then they cant deposit nothing.
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    What a joke and a mess at the same time!

    You need to inform them that Mom is on Medicaid and that she is only eligible for $90.00 A&A. The back award would absolutely present a problem for Medicaid. With the current shutdown, it is almost impossible to reach anyone to get anything done.

    Even if you sent in VA form 21-4138 Statement in Support of Claim, there is no one to process it, and my guess is when they do return they will work with the most recently received items and work their way backwards, so don't recommend sending in any documents like this for the time being.

    Wish they could have gotten it right the first time!

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