Mom died 6 weeks after pension awarded...back payment question...

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    Hi Debbie. With your help, I applied for a pension for my 93 year old Mom (widow of WWII veteran) living in an ALF with multiple issues and it was awarded. I submitted the pre-app in March 2013 & the full app in June 2013. We received the award letter in October 2013 with effective date of October 1, 2013. The first payment arrived November 1. The award said she was incompetent & that we would need to go through the fiduciary process. We responded to the VA asking for an interview. Also, the award letter said she was due back payments to July 1, 2013. I think that date should have been April 1, 2013 based upon the pre-app. You said we should bring up the date discrepancy in the interview. My questions are:

    1. She died on November 15. If we receive a payment on Dec 1, that should be returned because she didn't live the entire month of Nov, correct? This is the rule for S Sec payments I believe.
    2. Do I need to do any notifications with the VA?
    3. Does the VA owe her estate the back pension payments?
    4. If so, how would you handle the date discrepancy?
    5. Anything else I should do? Your thoughts?

    I'm so glad I submitted the app...I should have done it a couple of months earlier, however. I would have to say that the app was the hardest I ever worked for $ was a 62-pages!!!

    We had a great celebration of her life this week. It was a happy/sad occasion. My Mom had lost so much and the quality of her life had diminished significantly. It is my belief that she is a better place now. Again, my thanks, Debbie, if nothing more, you and this website gave me something meaningful to do as I watched my Mom courageously live the last six months of her life. My very best...Mary
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    My heart felt condolences. I am so sorry.

    You do need to notify the VA of her passing, and yes, if the check comes Dec 1st, that would need to be returned.

    The VA does not "owe" to your Mom's estate. They do not pay to estates.

    If you or any other family member are out of pocket expenses you paid on her behalf for her care, you can file against her accrued benefits. You would use VA form 21-601 and more information on this is on the site's FAQ section.

    I'm am glad that you were able to have a Celebration of her life, and take some comfort that she is in a better place.

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