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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by SueMichigan, May 14, 2009.

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    I sent in an A & A application for my 95-year old aunt about 2 weeks ago and have since received a reply from the VA requesting more detailed medical information. The "Physicians Statement" was completed by a visiting physician who unfortunately did not fill-in much detail about my aunt's medical condition or need for assistance on the form. (My aunt hasn't left the house in over a year and since that time has refused to see any of her previous doctors, so the visiting dr. is the only one who has seen her recently, however very briefly.)

    My question is, now that the VA has requested to have form 21-2680 completed, can it be completed by a home-care nurse or must it be a physician? In your opinion, would it be better if I attempt to go back to her previous dr's for additional info, or complete the release of information form to allow the VA to request it from them? If the VA wants their own dr. to examine her, is that generally a long drawn-out process?

    Thank you for any guidance you can provide.
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    I would recommend pre-filling for the doctor who was there and taking it to him, make sure he understands that he should feel free to update the form to reflect what he wants it to reflect, you were just pre-filling to save him time, it is his report after all. Bring a blank with you in case he wants to start over entirely. make sure you note what activities she needs help with. They will not accept a nurse or nurse practioner.

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