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Discussion in 'Expenses' started by maralina1, Apr 21, 2011.

  1. maralina1

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    I am helping my mother fill out the medical checklist on the 21-525 form. This is for my dad who has Alzheimer's.
    A few questions. Does she list all medical expenses incurred in the past year and the total or just a list of for the past month and explain that these are on-going expenses. She can then include receipts for the past month.
    She has not saved receipts for the past year as she did not know this pension existed.
    Most MD visits were paid in cash. I am the live-in caregiver for my dad and have been for the past year. I was paid in cash most of the time. Our arrangment is very informal because I am the daughter.
    She has paid me by check the past 2 months so we do have proof of that.
    She also has their medicare statement and printout from the pharmacy.
  2. Max

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    You can obviously submit whichever expenses you want. That being said, if I were you, I would not submit receipts. I would only submit a report for reoccurring expenses (i.e. private medical insurance, Medicare Part B premiums, monthly care-giving expenses that are EXACTLY the same each month, LifeLine, depends). Prescriptions are not considered reoccurring in almost all cases, even if you submit printouts from the pharmacy.
  3. caregiverx2

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    If prescriptions aren't considered 'reoccuring' does that mean we have to wait until EVR to claim?
  4. Max

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    Yes. That is usually how it works.
  5. maralina1

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    Another question on the medical expense form. Can we just indicate for example: $108.00 , monthly, for medicare, paid to medicare, for self or $1400.00, monthly, for homecare, paid to Maralina, for self and so on ..... On the remarks sheet we can write that these are previous and predicted recurring monthly expenses. Is this correct ? Also, do my parents need a copy of their marriage certificate if the pension is for my Dad? Thanks Again!
  6. Max

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    You do not need a copy of the marriage certificate so long as the marital history is complete (you cannot leave anything blank in the marital history section. You must list the month and year of each marriage and divorce).

    You are right about how to list things on the 8416. If it is the same amount each month, writing "monthly" in the date section is fine.

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