Medicaid/Medi-Cal and VA fiduciary account

Discussion in 'Expenses' started by rts, Nov 3, 2017.

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    My mom was recently approved for Medi-Cal and after some delay, has a caregiver paid thru that program thru the county. She had been waiting on the VA ... she did get approved and a VA fiduciary account was set up before the Medi-Cal caregiver started. We recently submitted paperwork to the VA letting them know she no longer has to pay for a caregiver. In order to re-qualify for Medi-Cal, does any one know if she has to show the VA fiduciary bank account statement? They ask for all bank accounts but does the VA fiduciary checking account "count"? (If so, is there any document confirming this from Medicaid that you know of?) I don't want her to be disqualified from Medi-Cal while the VA response is pending regarding whether she no longer qualifies for it due to receiving Medi-Cal. Thank you!

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