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    My 92 year old mother currently receives $1153 per month from the VA as a surviving spouse. The VA says that award breaks down to Pension: $721 and A&A Allowance: $432 = $1153. Is that the maximum the VA can pay or is there a table(s) that states what the maximums are? I am also aware that if filing for other assistance such as Medicaid, the A&A does not count as asset. Please advise...and thanks so much.
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    Hello Vet65,
    I believe that $1153 is the current maximum A&A benefit for a surviving spouse. Here's a table from the VA website showing the benefit amounts for surviving spouses.

    I don't have experience (yet) with obtaining Medicaid, but it's my understanding you can't receive both Medicaid and the full A&A benefit. If it becomes necessary to apply for Medicaid, I believe the amount you can receive as A&A drops to $90. Further, this $90 must be spent on personal care items (shampoo, Depends, etc).

    Hope this helps.
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