Mail the application or take to regional benefit office?

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  1. As so many have said, I greatly appreciate the advice and information on this forum. I will soon submit an A&A claim for my 94-year-old mother. It is often emphasized here that the best way to submit the claim is by certified mail. However, I notice that the VA website says "You may also visit your local regional benefit office and turn in your application for processing" ( Is there a reason this wouldn't be a good idea? The VA has a regional benefit office for my state of New Mexico that is conveniently located for me.

    A related question is this: Although I live in New Mexico, my mother is in a nursing home in South Carolina. If I mail the application, should I send it to the pension management center for my state or hers? With the intent-to-file form, I avoided the question by faxing it. On that form I showed her address as c/o me, at my home. I suspect that somehow I will need to inform the VA of her actual state of residence, but of course it's important that correspondence come to me. Any advice on how to handle the different locations?
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    I used my local office. They were great. They are a good kissing and they were able to fax it immediately. I have been back when I get communication to see her and she helped me send what they needed. I highly recommend using your local office.
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    I just finished my year long process. Few words of advice. My mom already got a VA benefit of a portion of my dad's Air Force pension (which makes it tax free). That was some $1200 amount. The aid and attendance was not in addition to that. You can't get both apparently. So it bumped it up over $1500....but was not an additional $1200 like I expected. I filed this through my local Texas Veteran's Commission. They should have alerted me to this significant fact. They filed it for me. Then the regional office lost the file. And I had to start all over again 7 pos into the process. Then nothing happened. The local Texas commission was little help. I finally called the St. Louis office...they were literally shocked at the delay and pushed everything through in about 2 weeks. All in all about 11 month process. I would file directly....then call into the number regularly. You should tell them her age. They should expedite it. ALSO, I finally contacted my senator...and his office got things to happen like lightening. I would file...make sure it was received and being processed then contact your senator to have them usher it through. I bet that would only take 3 months. Good luck. And ask them to make it retroactive to the filing date. I think use your address.
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  4. Thanks, Robey and John. I'll answer one of my own questions: mailed applications should go "to the appropriate center assigned for the state where the applicant resides (the applicant is the veteran or spouse)." That's on the How to Apply page of this site. I read it months ago and forgot in the meantime.
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