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Discussion in 'Expenses' started by InTheWoods, Apr 18, 2016.

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    We successfully obtained the A&A pension for my father-in-law almost two years ago. At the time of application, my father-in-law was receiving monthly income of $1,900 in the form of a loan being repaid to him by one of his sons. The loan will be repaid soon, resulting in a loss of income of $1,900 per month. His Social Security and A&A pension will not cover all of his medical expenses, leaving a monthly shortfall of about $725. When his remaining cash assets run out, my husband and I plan on using a Home Equity Line of Credit on our home to make up the $725 shortfall, plus about $300 of other incidental expenses. We will deposit this money into my father-in-law's accounts, as some of his expenses are paid automatically from his account. Will he still be qualified for the full VA pension?
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    Don't recommend you depositing into his account. May not be as convenient, but you don't want the appearance of additional funds showing in his account.

    If he is already receiving the full award, then losing income would not impact him with an award decrease. An increase in income could cause it to be lowered, but the loss does not.

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