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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by tanya0090, Jul 25, 2016.

  1. tanya0090

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    Hello All!

    I am finally getting around to applying for the Liberalizing Law benefits for my dad. I just have a quick question...the form they sent him is the 21-0516-1 and it's already pre-populated the look back dates and they sent a Medical Expense Report Form. We have requested and received my fathers medical records for this period, so my question is do I just send the application, medical expense form and medical records? And where do you we send them? I've looked and I don't see an address specifically for this in any of his paperwork.

    This is my go to place for all things VA related and I just want to say thank you!
  2. Kaylin

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    Those seem like the correct forms. For any Liberalizing Law application, the VA will send you any necessary documents they expect in return. If there is not an address on your papers you received for this Liberalizing Law application, I would send them to your usual pension application center where you previously mailed the A&A application. Make sure to mail return receipt and keep a copy of everything for yourself. Because the pension centers are in a bit of a transition process with address changes, I would also recommend calling them 30 days later to make sure they received this Liberalizing Law application. If they have not received it, send a second copy with "duplicate copy of Liberalizing Law application sent on [date] because [pension center name] is not registering it in their system".

    You are most welcome! I hope that helps.
  3. Jason S

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    Can you get liberalizing law benefits for less than 12 months or does it have to be 12 months or nothing? I'm asking because my dad would probably qualify for 6 months before the application but no more than that.
  4. Kaylin

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    Yes, Jason, you can get it for 12 months or less. The VA will send this letter to you if you may be eligible for previous 12 months. VA randomly does it, for A&A only, in effect for age 90 or older applicants. Applicant gets letter with form to complete for 12 previous months.

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