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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by tanya0090, Feb 16, 2017.

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    First I want to say I love this forum and I credit it and all the information available here for assisting me with getting me father awarded his pension.

    My father passed late last year and before he passed I submitted the form the VA sent him regarding him possibly being eligible for benefits a year prior. We had not received a response regarding this particular step at the time of his death. Well after funeral and other expenses I applied for reimbursement of unpaid benefits. I forgot to mention that his first Aid and Attendance payment was held due to the fiduciary process. So, I assumed I would at least get that amount back. But I received a denial letter in the mail stating he did not have any accrued benefits. I just received my father's death certificate a month ago which reminded me of the fact that I did not submit one with the claim for accrued benefits. So I'm wondering if that's what could have resulted in it being denied. Also, does the VA still consider the liberalization claim since my father passed before being awarded that particular benefit? Shouldn't I at least get the amount that was held during the fiduciary process to assist with final expenses? Any suggestions on anything I should or could do?
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    I am happy to hear our forums were helpful to you and your family in getting your father the A&A benefit.

    If applicant was in same condition physically and financially 12 months prior to making application, if you can substantiate, they may be eligible for Liberalizing Law for 12 months prior for awards. The VA will send this letter to you if you may be eligible for previous 12 months. VA randomly does it, for A&A only, in effect for age 90 or older applicants. Applicant gets letter with form to complete for 12 previous months.
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    Thank for responding.

    The VA did send a letter with his award about this and the forms to complete for the Liberalizing Law. We completed those forms and sent to the VA with documentation. We did not received a response before my father died so now I'm wondering if he (or really me) is eligible to receive a payment as this would help with the paid funeral expenses and a few other expenses at the time of his death.

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