Lawyer blocked from filing?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Honor First, May 10, 2017.

  1. Honor First

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    I used a lawyer to help me prepare an application for an Aid & Attendance pension for my brother. She text me yesterday evening and said the VA computer wouldn't accept the form showing she was the legal representative. She kept getting a server error?

    Anyone else run into this problem? I have read a few discussion items that said it was better to snail mail the application, this might be one of the reasons for that advice.
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  2. Matt375

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    This has happened far too many times which is why I do not file electronically yet. My claims are still paper based that I either send certified with return receipt or via fax. Both options are still viable for her to submit her representation form.
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  3. Honor First

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    The attorney did both, she filed the 527EZ, and when she saw it didn't accept her VA21-22a Legal respresentation form, she sent the same stuff via snail mail. She sent it return receipt requested, and it still never was acknowledged in the file. The only indication the VA had received something from the lawyer was the "CC: lawyers name" at the bottom of the second page of a VA follow up letter sent to my brother's address.
    Finally, today I called the toll free number for the VA, and got through very quickly. The person answering the call was very nice, polite, and informative. She finally acknowledged the VA did receive everything submitted by me through the attorney and with the help of the GA VSO, Rob Earhart (BIG KUDOS to Rob for his great service).
    The VA person gave me an update on the status of my brother's A&A application. She said he should have a decision on or before 8/22/2017. This would be a total of a little over four months from initial lawyer filing. If this is the case, KUDOS to the VA, because they will probably have broken a new speed record.
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  4. Kaylin

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    I'm glad the lawyer also sent a copy of the paperwork via mail with return receipt requested. We always recommend the snail mail approach here on just because we have heard of some many issues coming up when trying to file electronically.

    I'm glad you got through to someone who could help you at the VA through their toll free line! That is a treat. And yes, we all are hoping for a four month decision for your brother. Please keep us updated as time goes on.
  5. davidbilly

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    The authorities seriously need to upgrade and maintain there server, This isn't something for fun or anything. The electronic systems should respond perfectly so we can rely on it. Or else just remove the systems completely, Will be a relief to lawyers too.
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