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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by JGK, Jan 21, 2011.

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    Thanks in advance for the help and the forum. A couple of quick questions: I have what I think is a complete package: DD214, Social Security Benefit Ltr, Bank Statements for 120 days (there are no other resources), VA Form 21-2680, Statement from the Assisted Living Facility, Dr Records, Cover letter describing the situation and asking it to be expedited - My dad is 82 and very few resources. We filed the Informal Claim, The local VA office provided a VA Pension Worksheet that documents his income (Only SSN for 950 a month), VA Form 21-0845 3rd Party Disclosure. Do we need any other documents - the local office provided a checklist but I don't see where I can document his other medical expenses. the ALF shows $2425 a month - Do we need the VA Form 21-8416?

    Anything else that we should provide? Also they recommended we meet woth a local VA Service Officer but the first appt is almost a month away. My dad will exhaust every dollar in his savings to cover the gap between the ALF costs and SSN in 7 months. SHould we wait for appt - We asked to get in with any cancellation.

    Any help with things we should know to get it right the first time would be greatly appreciated. THANKS !!!!
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    Hi JGK. When I started this process I consulted first with a clueless Veteran Service Officer who insisted my parent, the Vet, would not qualify for A&A. He called his contact in Seattle, was put straight, then told us, "Oh, I feel terrible. I turned away three veterans last week". Following this website's advice, I did the complete application and my parent received benefits in four months. Here's a link to an interesting discussion on VSO's and Aid and Attendance: http://veteranaid.org/forums/index.php/topic,1081.msg4008.html#msg4008.

    I can't help with the forms question, but there is a useful search function in the upper right hand corner that might help. Good luck to you. Annie

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