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Discussion in 'Countable Income' started by greenpad, May 6, 2016.

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    My 89 y/o father-in-law's only asset consists of a checking account which he owns jointly with his two daughters. We are in the process of applying for the A&A benefit. Although all three names appear on the bank statement how do you recommend we make it crystal clear to the examiner that he owns only 1/3 of the amount on the bank statement, not all of it? For example, the bank statement shows cash of $102,000 and he only owns $34,000 of that amount. Would a supplemental letter from the bank be helpful?

    In addition, since he is only nine months from his 90th birthday can he still request expedited handling?

    As so many others have already said, thank you for your help.
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    This will be a challenge for you in the application process.

    You will need to clearly show the 3 parties on the account, and clearly what his separate income is aside from the daughters, and probably why their funds are co-mingled.

    You can request expedited processing due to his advanced age, but truthfully all of our WWII Veterans are at this age and older, and hopefully the VA will consider the request.
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    The bank statement itself has all three partys' names on it. I was thinking a letter from the bank explaining that each party is entitled to a one third interest in the checking account would be helpful. I can not think of anything else to do. He has no other income or assets other than social security.

    On another subject, you advised that the DD214 should be certified by a bank notary that it is a true and accurate copy. While this makes sense, how does the notary satisfy himself that this is true?

    Much thanks,
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    You can always have the bank make a copy and then have the notary there sign off on the copy to show it is certified.

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