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    I sent in an Intent to File form for my mom and received a letter back from the VA. On this letter is a file number. On paperwork that I'm filling out for the A&A where a box might ask for a VA File Number, would I use this number?

    Also, on the VA web site for filing the A&A (we live in Michigan) it says we should use the Janesville, WI address. However, on this above letter I got from the VA it says correspondence should be sent to Newnan, GA. I sent my intent letter to the WI office. So which one would I send my completed packet to?

    And one additional question: Are there any other forms you can think of that I need to fill out besides;

    Thanks in advance, Kathy
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    Yes, use the VA file number they sent to you.

    Right now the VA is in a transition process with their mailing addresses. I would send the application to the address we have listed on our site (Janesville, WI) and make sure you send it return receipt. If, after one month, you do not have any sort of receipt of their acceptance of the application I would send another copy to the Newnan, GA location (please keep a complete copy of everything for yourself) and make sure you state very clearly on the 21-4138 that this is a duplicate copy and let them know when you sent the original application (having the VA file number will help)

    If your mother is in an ALF or nursing home you will also need a Statement of Occupancy (ask the staff at the facility for this form) from the facility and the Nursing Home Status Statement. In addition make sure you have the DD214 (discharge papers), marriage certificate, and death certificate of her husband (he was the veteran, right?). These all need to be certified copies. You can also include any bank statements or supporting financial documents you think will be helpful to show her assets, income, and expenses.
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    No, Kaylin, my mom lives with me and I am her caregiver. So is there a form I fill out for that?
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    Then, no, you do not have to fill out the Nursing Home Status Statement form or any accompanying forms. The best thing to do is to add bank statements to the full application that show her monthly amount she is paying you to act as her caregiver. If you want to include a contract for the caregiver (you) - that is an option as well. Below is an example you can type up and/or copy.


    This CARE SERVICES AGREEMENT documents the prior verbal agreement and/or understanding made by and between the Client (the person requiring care services) and the Caregiver (the person providing care services) of said agreement.

    Services are to include the following itemized services and any others deemed necessary or desirable for the health and well being of the Client.
    · Monitoring health status to include physical and emotional condition. Coordination of doctors' appointments, transportation to appointments, consulting with doctors, keeping prescriptions up to date, picking up prescriptions, organizing and administering all medications.
    · Securing health care professionals, doctors, nurses, and home care providers as necessary.
    · Assistance with bathing, dressing, personal hygiene, grooming, and health care as needed.
    · Assessing personal needs and desires as to social, physical, entertainment, hobby, and personal pursuits as needed and or/requested by Client.
    · Assisting with instrumental daily activities to include care of pets and securing the home regarding "safety" measures as needed.
    · Financial management including weekly and monthly bill paying, daily money management, and taking care of other financial matters.
    · Dealing with other third parties to coordinate matters detailed herein.
    · Safeguarding client's rights with regard to benefits and other programs client is entitled to.
    · Manage and run home by providing all following services and any others necessary for a well-maintained home environment: planning, cooking, and serving all meals, cleaning, laundry, transportation, errands, shopping, lawn care, landscape maintenance, and minor home repairs.
    The weekly or monthly compensation paid to the Caregiver is subject to change at any time as agreed between the Client and the Caregiver. The initial arrangement is as follows.
    Compensation: __$____ amount a month

    ____________________ ____________________
    Dated Client

    _______________________ __________________________
    Dated Caregiver
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    Thanks so much Kaylin, that agreement is perfect, as I do everything listed on it. I will for sure include her bank statements as well.
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