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    I am trying to decide if it makes sense to file an "Intent to File" form. I should have all the forms together in another week or two, and my mom's home will be sold on December 1st. I think it makes sense to wait until the first week of December to file (since her financials will change on house sale). If I am waiting, should I do the intent to file? Also, if I do file, I am filing for Survivors Pension??? (I am filing for A&A benefits for my mother--a surviving spouse.)

    Sorry for the basic questions. And thank you, in advance, for your help!
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    My advice is to do the Intent to File anyways. If you are planning to submit the full application within one year, even if you wait some time after the sale of the home until she spends down some of that money from the sale, it just makes sense to get that date established in the VA's system as to when her retroactive payments will be due back to.

    In the Intent to File form I believe it states just above the checkbox for Survivor's Pension and/or DIC:
    NOTE: Only check the box below if you are a surviving dependent of the veteran

    Therefore the Pension box is what one would check if they are filing for the A&A benefit unless they are a surviving dependent of the veteran.

    I hope that helps start your application process! Best of luck!

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